1.  The competition is open only to producers who are members or groups of members of the Bristol Film and Video Society, and whose films are deemed to be “group or individual” films and not “Club” films (i.e. films made with club funding and to club guidelines).

2. Entries should be admitted in a YouTube compatible format, but can be shown on the night by another format (via DVD or Bluray or on a a memory stick) if preferred.

3. Entries must be clearly marked with their title and aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9). Entries in 16:9 should NOT be letterboxed onto 4:3.

4. Entrants may submit one or more entries to the competition.

5. Each entry to this competition must be accompanied by a completed entry form (one form per entry).

6. Each entry must be kept separate, and the medium used must contain ONLY the material entered into the competition.

7. The entry shall be handed or transferred via the internet to the Competition Secretary or other designated Officer of the Society not later than 3 weeks prior to the competition show evening.

8. The entry may be of unlimited duration and on any subject acceptable to the BFVS committee.

9. The Society reserves the right to show only a part of the entry in the event that there is insufficient time for a complete screening on competition evening.

10. The Society reserves the right not to award all or any prizes in the event that, in the opinion of the Judge(s), no entry reaches an adequate standard.

11. The competition will be judged in advance of the show / award evening by an experienced film / programme maker who is not a member of the Society.

12. The decision of the judge(s) is final.

13. Competition entrants must advise the Competition Secretary at the time of submission of the entry if they DO NOT wish their film to be included in any selection of BFVS members' films intended to be shown to other clubs or in any other competitions decided from time-to-time at the committee’s discretion and at the club’s expense.

14. All material in the entry (sound and visual) must be the copyright of the entrant(s) or be royalty-free or licensed for public performance.

15. The entry must have been completed since 1st January of the year prior to the competition.

16.  The winner will be awarded the Annual Trophy and a certificate. The runner-up will be awarded the Burris cup and a certificate.

17. The judge(s) can also award “The Ray Buckland Trophy for Composition” and a certificate to the film which, in their opinion, exhibits the best pictorial composition.

18. The judge(s) can also award the “Don Smith Trophy” and a certificate to the film which, in their opinion, exhibits the best “Narration and / or the Spoken Word”.

19.  The judge(s) can also award the “Certificate for Best Newcomer” to the film which, in their opinion, is the best one from a member who hasn’t won a trophy before. They will need to tick a box to say they haven’t won before on the entry form.

Bristol Film and Video Society
The Annual Trophy Competition


Revised October 2017

The winner will receive the Trophy and a certificate.

The Burris cup and a certificate will be awarded to the entry placed second.

The results and photographs of the winners will be recorded on the web site.

Download an entry form here as a PDF document.