Mr Wellby’s Cross


A short film with a cast of 4 and an original script written specifically for the male lead actor, Andy Rusbridge. This is a modern drama featuring action, violence and a bare atmospheric set with a limited number of props to enhance the story. It’s a dark contemporary story about the practical implications of personal debt on an individual with a twist at the end.

The film was shot in a single day using two very similar DSLR cameras; a Canon 5d Mark 2 and a Canon 5d Mark 3. The majority of the footage was filmed on tripods but there was a small part filmed hand held. There were a total of 4 camera set ups on the day, the first 3 of which were outdoors and filmed during the morning.

The external sequences were all shot using solely natural daylight. Lighting for the subterranean crypt sequence was basic and intended to have a realistic stark quality and also create shadows. Dialogue was recorded separately on a Zoom portable sound recorder via a Rode shotgun mike and boom.


Andy Rusbridge – Mr Wellby

Oliver Grills – Michael

Angus Brown – James/Thug 1

Gareth Macleavy – John/Thug 2



Producer – Graham Egarr

Screenwriter & Director – David Price

Assistant Director – Andrzej Wawrowski

Camera Operator 1 – Martin Drake

Camera Operator 2 – Terry Sheppard

Clapper operator & continuity – Laureen Levy

Lighting/sound advisor/operator/mentor – Julian Baldwin

Boom/sound recordist - Helen Sharpe

On set editor – Jane Andrews

Stills photographer – Bob Bennett