[This document originally entitled Silver Trophy Once Again]

To Have and to Hold

A party from the club went to the National Film Theatre on the South Bank, London, to the premiere of the Ten Best on 24th May 1958. To Have And To Hold, made the previous year, had been judged to be one of the Ten Best amateur films of the year, Bristol's second silver trophy.

In the foyer was a display which included, disappointingly, just one small frame of the BCS film. Perhaps the film unit lacked a stills man for publicity purposes. There was a lot of talk about the film French Leave which had enjoyed such a lot of publicity in the cine magazines; and which, according to Philip Grosset, proved to be neither so colourful nor so imaginative as the producer had led us to believe. However that may be, Bristol’s entry, shown last, "impressed by its slickness, pace and smoothness, qualities usually lacking in amateur films".

Director Fred Lorenz was on the platform to receive the trophy on behalf of the club; and the applause was swelled by the small contingent from Bristol, including the former chairman, Ralph Egarr, the programme secretary Jean Barratt, and the leading actor, Alan Hickish, Jean, continuity girl on the film came into the club through Fred Lorenz.

The premiere took place on a Sunday evening; and for one reason or another, it was not possible for the party to leave Bristol until after 3 p.m. One group travelled in Ralph Egarr's car with Mrs Egarr, Fred and his fiancée. They arrived one minute before the lights of the National Film Theatre dimmed. This was before the coming of the M4 and since it had been a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon, the roads had been crowded with a massive traffic jam at Reading.