Theme in Movement

A letter was received by the club secretary in April 1972 from Mrs Geraldine Daughton saying that she had recently produced a "demonstration item" performed by the South Bristol Technical College Leaders Keep Fit Class. It was seen by Miss Dickins, senior representative of the Central Council of Physical Education and by Miss Sebestyen, HMI and these two ladies felt that it should be recorded on film for teaching purposes. The letter asked BCS if she could be put in touch with someone who could undertake the task.

BCS agreed to make the film. A representative of the film unit attended a rehearsal at St. Luke's Church Hall. Brislington; and subsequently there were other rehearsals and meetings with Mrs Daughton. Shooting of the demonstration - of exercises and movements to music - took place at St. Bernadette's School Hall, on 30th September 1972. One camera with a 200 ft. magazine provided by Peter Aynge, shot the entire action from a balcony high above the floor, without interruption - one shot. The action was repeated twice more when filming of parts of the demonstration took place at ground level. Ron Elson was in charge of sound recording of the piano music.

Details of the production can be read in an article, a cutting of which appears in Scrapbook No.1 (June 1974). This article appeared with several photographs in the June issue of the magazine Film Making and written by the present writer. It is of interest to note - and perhaps adds a note of warning to other freelance writers - that shortly after the article was published, the magazine was wound up and placed in the hands of the receivers; and the writer did not receive a fee for article and pictures.

The following breakdown of costs of production may be of interest in the light of current costs at the time of reading:

Processing 700 ft. 16 mm Ektachrome EF film .. £18.05

Postage and packing .. £0.99

Cost of 7 films 16 mm Ektachrome EF @ £4.68 .. £32.76

To Ron Elson: 2 16 mm plastic spools and can .. £1.06

Sheets of Letraset .. £1.20

1 reel mag.stripe film .. £5.50

1 roll splicing tape .. £0.40

2 copies from master plus optical .. £90.04

Total £150