Summer Changes

In April 1978, club members saw the latest Kennel Films production; and they were unanimous in their appreciation of a fine film. Summer Changes is a period piece set in the 'twenties and tells of the changes in relationship between a young man and the two people closest to him, his father and his girl friend. It was, according to the director, more difficult to film than anything the talented group had done before. "The weather was largely to blame. Even when the sun shone, the wind spoilt the sound recordings. However, because we were surrounded by patient, industrious people, we have what we consider to be the prettiest little film we've made to date". In 1979 it received a Four Star award in the Ten Best - surely Summer Changes deserved a far higher award. It took a year to make.

Summer Changes (1978) Super 8mm 25 minutes

filmed on Kodachrome 40 Sound by Carol Cinesound pulse sync. System.

It is interesting to note that a film of some of the production was shot by Alan Moore on video and this was shown to the members.

The Kennel group was formed in 1966 (so called because, so one member said, they were always in the doghouse. spending more time filming than at home).