[This document originally entitled "First Ten Best Winner"]

You Call Yourselves Scouts

Perhaps it is true to say that the publicity that stemmed from the making of You Call Yourselves Scouts(1954) and the winning of a Ten Best Silver Trophy saw the beginnings of the club as we know it today. There was a great deal of publicity in the local press and this was followed by an influx of new members.

You Call Yourselves Scouts (1954) 16 mm

script and direction Philip Grosset

titles Cecil Harrison

meter reader Marjorie Marks

cameramen F.H.B.Marks and Ken Pople

acted by the 1st Saltford Scout Troop

The story was a simple one: two scouts catch an apple thief and so clear themselves of suspicion. John Earle was the thief (he was to team up with Fred Lorenz in a later film) while Peter Ryall and George Thomas were the scouts. Cecil Harrison played the part of the owner of the orchard and his son was played by Alan Stiling.

The riverside location - the Avon near Philip Grosset's home at Kelston - was to be used later in Just the Job. In fact there were many similarities between the two films. Nevertheless this 16mm silent film won a Ten Best trophy and was televised the following year.

Inflatory Footnote: The production cost was £13. 2s. 8d. or in modern terms £13.13 approximately.

Silent? Tape recorders were still very much a novelty; and 16 mm mag. stripe projectors were rare.