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15 January A Stunning Mix

How we might get music specially composed for our films.

19 February Annual General Meeting

Thalia Goblet and certificate for the winner.

19 March   Competition Evening

The evening where the members judge members films.

Details on the Competitions web-page

       (any subject, max 10 minutes)

The winner will receive the Jack Baker Trophy and a certificate.

2 April  Paul Holbrook – Shunk Films  

Local filmmaker Paul Holbrook will show us some of his films and invite a Q&A after each.

Paul has a website:


A 30 minute discussion item and an update on the

Current BFVS productions

5 February Documentary filmmaker Frank Bond will show his film, “Strong to Save”.

Frank writes..

“This is the story of the greatest of lifeboat in the history of the RNLI.

Henry Blogg served as coxswain at the Cromer station for over 40 years, through two world wars. He is credited with saving nearly 900 lives.

As a young man the crew rowed out into the treacherous North Sea in an open boat. They could be out in all seasons for two days. He finally retired aged over 70, some years after the second word war ended. He was awarded the George Cross, three RNLI gold medals (the lifeboat VC) and throughout remained a reserved humble unknown hero. “

Frank will talk us through the production process:

Meetings start at 7.30pm and finish around 10.00pm

Due to professional commitments, visiting speakers may need to change dates. Please check before travelling long distances

Pitches and Presentations: Possible club productions we might make

in 2019 - documentary and fiction, long and short.

'Grand Premiere' of the edited films shot on the December Fun Evening.

After the break…

Special guest speaker Joe Cowan will show us how we might get music specially composed for our films.

16 April  Planning the Mini Epic.

7 May  We make a short drama film in our club room using Green Screen.

18 June  Filming the Mini Epic.

Tonight we will shoot our versions of the Mini Epics planned on 16 April.

2 July  An Evening with Vincent

Vincent will be explaining lighting techniques and file formats for us

followed by a general discussion and pitching a film idea.

16 July 180 Minute Challenge

3 September  Gary Horton - film maker.

Gary will talk about his career as a filmmaker. He’s been a cameraman, actor, director and producer. He’ll talk about films he’s worked on, how he made a US civil war movie and perhaps what happened when he pitched to Harvey Weinstein.

Visit Gary’s YouTube Channel…

4 June  Practical Skills: A hands-on evening.  

We practice filming and sound recording with help from Cameraman and Director of Photography, Nicholas Shipley.

JUDGED IN ADVANCE by a professional filmmaker this competition is the BIG one.

Eagerly fought for every year since 1965.

Rules and Entry Form HERE

The RAY BUCKLAND CUP for Best Composition and The DON SMITH TROPHY for Best Narration and/or Spoken Word can also be awarded.

The Don Smith Trophy The Ray Buckland Cup The Annual Trophy

54th Annual Trophy Competition

Any subject

No limit in duration

This can be a group or individual effort

ANNUAL TROPHY and certificate for the winner

THE BURRIS CUP for the entry placed second.

Download printed programme

CLICK to download printed programme

The Burris cup

17 September

Everyone will have a job on the crew.

We’ll shoot Merlin Goldman’s fantasy drama, DREAM RIDE.

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April  Filmmaking Weekend

This weekend we will shoot Vincent Leppert’s new drama,

Black Box

MI6 spys money

An exciting thriller from an unusual angle.

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May Filmmaking Weekend

This weekend we will shoot Merlin Goldman’e new drama,


Set on the ledge of a high building.

Details to follow…

21 May  HORIZON: Behind the scenes

We invite guest speakers Simon Pearce and Paul Dudbridge, the writers and producers of the award-winning sci-fi web series HORIZON, to take us behind the scenes of the series.

5 March  Learning from the Past.

Download entry form HERE

We look back at some of the glorious and inglorious heritage of BFVS.

We show BFVS films not on Vimeo, not even listed in the Archive that most members will not have seen.

Have we improved?  Could we do that today?

Should we?  Why we might?


The Horizon producers were due to be visiting us as guest speakers for this evening, however they have now had to cancel due to professional filming commitments.They have been rescheduled to visit us on 21st May.

Tonight we will plan how we will shoot our versions of the Mini Epic.

The challenge is to split into groups and plan short films (up to five minutes) for filming on Tuesday 18th June.

An excellent way to get hands on filmmaking experience

Read Nicholas Shipley’s public profile HERE

Some of us will be there from 6.00pm.

Feel free to join us then.

Reuben Armstrong visiting us as a guest speaker giving us a talk

about his work and career. He is a local filmmaker.

Reuben has a website:

6 August  Reuben Armstrong

20 August  Hands on Filmmaking

We will work together to shoot two short films, one in the club room, the other outside.

An opportunity for everybody who attends to get really involved.

27th  August  is the closing date for entries in the forthcoming Annual Trophy Competition (September 17th)

Download entry form HERE

The Don Smith Trophy

He spent a large part of his working life as a professional entertainer/producer before lecturing in media production.

For the last ten years he has been editing the SoCo News and has judged many amateur film competitions.

We welcome Pip Critten as our special guest this evening.

Pip first started making movies as a boy using his parents 8mm cine camera. Having saved up, he bought his first Super 8mm cine camera and has been making movies, on and off, ever since.

25  September

BFVS Filmmaking in Bristol participation in Bluescreen at the Cube Cinema.

The Bluescreen film show events at the Cube cinema are an 'open mike' event were you just turn up with your film (please check rules) and it is shown on a proper cinema screen.

Some members will have their own suitable films (all types acceptable - documentary, fiction, art, music etc.) to take along and hence will get free entry. we will also take some recent short club productions along. If you have worked - in any capacity - on a club production in the last few years then we should be able to juggle films to get members free entry. A good opportunity for members to have their films shown on the big screen to an audience of filmmakers.

1 October  How Are Professional Documentaries Made?

Stephanie Wessell, a professional broadcast TV producer will join us

at our next meeting on 1st October. With TV credits including Who

Do You Think You Are?, The One Show and Back in Time For School,

she will take us through her varied TV career and show us her

insight into how a professional documentary is put together,

casting, producing and researching.

15 October  The Very Short Documentary and the Funky Farmer

"In the age of You Tube - writing the very short documentary.

Look at the viewing numbers on You Tube and see that if you want an audience for your films then a short production on You Tube may be worth considering. It is hoped that this evening might lead to some new films being made by individual members and groups of members.

We will be advised by Rich Cornock better known as thge Funky Farmer, a You Tube sensation.

richard cornock

Dairy farmer and YouTube vlogger known as The Funky Farmer

Special Presentation of a possible new production.

We will see a presentation about a possible new club production based on Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol.

An exciting project with great potential.

Some experimental work  carried out for the project…

5 November  Lighting for the Movies

Practical demonstrations of lighting by Vincent Leppert recreating famous scenes from films

19 November  The Documentary

The complete UWE MA Documentary Production Course in 90 minutes!

Mark Harrison has recently (almost) completed an MA in Film Documentary Production at the University of Western England. To save you a heap of time and £9500, he will be sharing insights from the course including the different documentary genres, the principles of storytelling and using the 3 Act Structure, the power of reveals and the whole process from pitching the original idea to scripting and organising and managing filming and professional post production. He will share the examples of best practice that tutors shared with him and will show clips from numerous highly rated documentaries to illustrate the principles of effective documentary storytelling.

In the second half of the evening, looking at an example project from start to finish, you will have the chance to see (and interact with) his final MA project which is a very different 'interactive video' on Artificial Intelligence and its potential to replace human creativity. You will be asked to choose between two soundtrack compositions and decide which is the human created one and which was produced by a machine!

3 December  Grand Premiere.

17 December  Christmas Filming Fun evening.

21 January  Guest Speaker.

4 February - Planning Future Club Productions plus 30 Minute General Discussion.

18 February - Annual General Meeting.

3 March - Guest Speaker.

All BFVS films made in year for Mini Epic element perhaps guest reviewer

24 October   Film and television industry in Bristol

(This is not a BFVS Filmmaking in Bristol event but it may be of interest to members, particularly relating to locations).

Rob Champion, is a film and television location manager and former Bristol City Council Film Officer who specialises in TV drama and, as well as telling us about his experiences in this area, he will give an overview of the current film and television industry in Bristol.

He will also cover how film and television locations are found, the dealing with owners, what is important in selecting a location and much more.

Venue: Broadmead Baptist Church, Union Street Bristol BS1 3HY (next to Tesco Metro) Tickets: £5 Organised by Bristol Civic Society

To book tickets go to

7 January 2020  Animation

John Howden – The Quiet Boffin  

(computer animation and CGI)

We review the amazing animation and

CGI work of the late Doctor John Howden

"The Making of Fellas"

The story of how the new animated film  'Fellas' came to be made.

How it was done!.

Thalia Goblet and certificate for the winner.

17 March   Competition Evening

The evening where the members judge members films.

Details on the Competitions web-page

       (any subject, max 10 minutes)

The winner will receive the Jack Baker Trophy and a certificate.

Download entry form HERE

7 April -  Planning for the 2020 Mini Epic

WATCH : Blockheads

In 2005 John wrote an article explaining his first steps in computer animation  using Blender software.

Read his article HERE.

Watch his first  animated film called Blockheads HERE.


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