The Odd Job 16 minutes Super 8 mm

Early summer 1978 saw the commencement of shooting on a new comedy by the club called The Odd Job. A copy of the shooting script can be seen in Scrapbook No.2 together with several production stills.

The story concerns two odd-job men, played quite brilliantly (in the opinion of the writer) by Les Hughes and Peter Heaven, and their efforts to take a couple of tailor's dummies from one place to another. "Les and Pete", wrote the director, "were both particularly good at the inventive expression or action". The two risked life and limb by falling off ladders and crashing through pavement obstacles. "Young ladies", continued the Director, "were asked to wear very tight shorts and take baths in the film, and they did." The film had its premiere at the club's Christmas party in December 1978. In 1982 it was one of the winning films in Plymouth A.C.S Westward 8 Festival. After the original production, a little further editing took place in which some scenes were shortened.

Believing that the editor's decision should be final; that the ref's ruling should be accepted with "no whingeing", I nevertheless find it hard to accept the Ten Best judges' comments on the film, The Odd Job:

Photography .... Fair

Editing much too slow

sound rather unenterprising

acting lacks style

"couldn't raise a titter" "heavy-handed"

"jokes are so stale" "the whole thing has become a bore"