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19th March - Coronavirus Cancellation

Since the club was founded over eighty five years ago, with the exception of the Second World War, our twice monthly meetings have proceeded without disruption. A heavy snowstorm forced a cancellation around ten years ago and recently the committee took the decision to cancel the meeting of March 17th due to public health guidelines set out by the government regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

The situation concerning future meetings is being reviewed on a fortnightly basis. But, as things stand at the moment, it could be a while before the BFVS cameras start rolling again, giving members ample opportunity to write the scripts they never got around to and catch up on editing their individual projects.




We won 1st prize with 'Why is America called America?' and received the Ray Toleman Memorial Trophy that weighs a ton!!

We won The Best Cinematography Trophy with 'Why is America called America?'.  The judge, Jill Lampert, was very impressed with the filming, especially the walking backwards! Well done Bob.

We won The Vale Trophy for best sound with 'Fellas'.  Well done Neil. Lots of admirers and queries about the animation.

There were other good films:-

Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra which had 6 cameras and was brilliantly edited to the music.

(2nd) Gloucester Film Makers produced 'Robert Raikes', the founder of the Sunday School Movement which included Piss Pots!!!

(3rd) Tewkesbury YMCA Movie Makers created films about Tewkesbury Abbey and 'The Toy Train' on a train ride in India - both educational and enjoyable.

Next year it is our turn to hold the event!!”


I created this website in 1997 as an html page.  It has undergone many re-designs over the past 23 years and was awarded the IAC Best Club Website in 2012 and Runner-Up in 2013.  I feel very proud of what I've done and am extremely reluctant to let it go.  However, failing sight (I can no longer read or write emails or see the cursor on the screen) and the social distancing measures now imposed (cutting off the support I've been receiving for the last six months) means that this will be the last entry I make on this website as its Webmaster.  Please look after it.  Mike.

March - Webmaster ‘malfunction’

Our erstwhile chairman Vincent Leppert wrote and directed an international “Lockdown” co-production, filmed in both Leipzig and Bristol. The finished result can be watched at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qoRTRADqXGI .

28th March - Lockdown film

21st April

After a brief pause when Mike George was forced to step down due to ill health after running the website for 23 years, Roger Davis is the new Webmaster. Many thanks Mike, for all your hard work, and Welcome Roger! We are sure the website and the club will go from strength to strength.

14th May

BFVS Spring Competition

We thought we might have to cancel the 2020 BFVS Spring Competition due to the Coronavirus but managed to produce the event by using Vimeo to show the films, e-mail for members to vote and Zoom to declare the results!!!

Winner of the Quickie was Sue Cockwell with 'Saves Lives At Sea'

Winner of The Ten Minute Trophy receiving The Jack Baker Trophy was Mihai Anghel with 'The Illusion of Reality'

The runner-up who received The Ivor Wiltshire Memorial Trophy was Steve Andrews with 'Namibia 2019'.

Club members were saddened to hear of the passing of Christine Sargent. Christine acted in very many of our productions,  the most recent of which was the award winning  " Boris”. We always knew we could rely on Christine to support us. We recall in particular her role in "Cabot", her starring roles in "Thicker Than Water" and "House Clearance" along with the sterling  work she carried out for us in creating costumes for “Clarkson".

But better news on April 21, for the committee chairman, Tim Smart anyhow was that he became the surprise recipient of the Wertheim Cup!

A link to the proceedings will appear here shortly, together with photographs.    

7th April - Historic event!

In order to mitigate the impact of COVID19 on our club we held our first ever virtual meeting using the video conferencing software ‘Zoom’. This proved to be most successful and will be the platform for all future meetings until we are able to return to normality.

31st March

The results of the BFVS entries into the THE IAC BRITISH INTERNATIONAL AMATEUR FILM COMPETITION 2020 were announced.

Sock Master
Carless Driver
Health Insurance
Count to Three
Genealogy Club
A Giant Idea
Above It All

*** 2 Stars ***
*** 3 Stars ***
*** 4 Stars ***
*** 4 Stars ***
*** 2 Stars ***
*** 4 Stars ***
*** 2 Stars ***
*** 3 Stars ***
*** 2 Stars ***

We are pleased to announce three films this month:

23rd July

2020 Summary -

Face to face meetings were suspended after March and for the rest of the year going into 2021. So the club went virtual from April. Many external competitions were suspended or cancelled, and all face to face meetings were cancelled for most of the year.

Thanks to the diligence of members of the committee no less than 16 presentations to the members by members and invited guests took place via Zoom.

We held the spring competition, the Annual Competition and our annual Mini Epic evening on Zoom and continued to thrive as a club, albeit under difficult circumstances. Our Zoom meetings were opened up to the world, and many members of other, struggling clubs joined us twice a month.

Most of these Zoom meetings were recorded, and they can be watched in posterity HERE.

In December we successfully migrated all club communications onto groups.io.

In October the club featured in a newly published biography of “BRISTOL’S PHOTO PIONEER: Herbert A Postlethwaite”, who was was one of the founder members of the club.

Also, we were shocked to find that Yahoo groups were going to close. They had been the club members’ main news, chat and gossip outlet for about 12 years.