Mothers’ Day

The script of the film Mothers' Day (1974) is in the Society's archives. The screenplay was by Ken Lee. The production team was Ken Lee, Laurie Booth, Les Hughes, Neil Macdonald and Bob Spacie.

This is the story of a drunken down-and-out who, while sitting with two cronies around a fire in a derelict area, drinking, sees a reference to Mothers' Day in a scrap of newspaper. In spite of his befuddled state he determines to go and see his Mum and take her something, some flowers. He has no money but eventually finds some flowers in a refuse bin. He reaches his old home to find that a funeral is in progress. He has arrived too late.

The tramps were played by Peter Aynge, Gus Williams and John Rowcliffe. Other parts were played by Teresa Booth, Ian Yeoman, Pat Gerrish and Philip, Jim Brunton, Neil Macdonald, Val Macdonald and Marjorie Spacie. Geoff Hill played the Vicar.

Filming took place during the latter part of April and the beginning of May 1974 at Horfield Church. Tortworth Road, in a derelict house in Lodge Street, Bristol 1, in Trenchard Street, Chapel Street, Boot Lane and, so we are told, at Neil Macdonald's dustbin at 2 Stoke Cottages.