Marlborough House

A letter dated 30th May 1957 to Philip Grosset from a representative of D.W.Dunscombe Ltd., concerned an enquiry being made by Mrs White of Marlborough House Training School for the Mentally Handicapped, situated on the hill behind the Bristol Royal Infirmary. It seemed that the Marlborough House Parents’ Committee wished to have a 16 mm sound film made of the activities of MH which might help them in their fundraising activities on behalf of MH. They had little in the way of funds but were willing to supply the film stock. Could Bristol Cine Society help? Bristol Cine Society could. (Their committee had approached a number of professional units but the costs involved were prohibitive).

Producer-director and, for the most part, cameraman was Philip Grosset; while Joe Higgins helped in various ways as carrier of equipment, holder of lights etc.

The film was shot on a 70E. "This has a Switar lens", wrote Grosset, "that was stolen from a wealthy family, buried in a garden, dug up, cleaned and reassembled. I bought the camera and lens for £45".

Marlborough House was one of the Ten Best amateur films of 1958.