Three friends, David, Patrick and Ray go out to their local pub for a few jars. Patrick shows signs of a reoccurring mental illness which gives concern to his two friends.

During their drinking session Patrick sees a young woman, Lucy, who is just 8 inches tall, standing on the table. The others cannot see her. Patrick talks to both Lucy and his drinking friends, but this causes confusion. Eventually the "men in white coats" had to be called to take him away. However all is not what it might seem .........

Green screen filming was needed for the 'little Lucy' scenes. This was shot in St. Paul's church, making use of the high ceiling to facilitate a crane for the camera. The scene outside the pub was filmed at a pub in south Bristol, and the drinking session was filmed in a south Bristol club.


Lucy - Jane Hesling

Patrick - Patrick de Landre-Grogan

David - Tony Billington

Ray - Ray Hendy

Andy (in white coat) - Toby Rome

Bill - (in white coat) - Sean Colledge

Barman - Tim Smart

Customer at the bar - Ken Webber


Producer - Graham Egarr

Director - Steve Andrews

Assistant Director - Tim Smart

Location Manager - John Cockwell

Script writer - Patrick de Landre-Grogan

Director of Photography - Declan Smith

Camera operators - David Wilkins and John Cockwell