Black screen

The beams of 4 spot lights appear against a black background in order at different distances from the camera; the smallest light beam furthest way and the brightest closest to the camera. The remainder of the set is black.

A lone figure walks steadily towards the camera from the blackness at the rear of the set/frame. He crosses each light in turn and stops in the middle of the brightest/closest light beam. He looks directly into the camera.

‘Fascinating thing, light; but we take it for granted most of the time. It can mean so many things; good, life, hope, safety; and without it there wouldn’t be any life on the planet.

Life’s so frantic these days there’s rarely time to think and wonder at such a simple but powerful thing as light.

There’s a time in every man’s life when he needs to turn off the computer, the TV, the mobile and be still for a while to think about this life. Time to reflect on where he’s come from, what he’s done with his time and think about where he’s going next.

We all assume that we’re going to carry on as before as day follows night.

Problem is we never know what’s coming next. Life’s like a candle; sometimes the flame burns strongly, sometimes it flickers and we never know when a draught will blow it out’.

Looks at his watch.

‘Looks like my time’s up’.

He turns and walks backwards crossing the beams of all 4 lights and returns into the darkness.

The lights extinguish in order with the furthest last to leave a black screen.

End Credits