The Lady Beautiful (1960)

A party from the club visited the National Film Theatre in March 1961 to see the first public showing of the Top 8 of 1960 - a competition which ran for some years for 8mm films only. One of the eight was The Lady Beautiful, made the previous year. The film was described as a "weirdie" with Vivienne Durand as the witch without a broomstick. It was directed by Fred Lorenz with R.J.Byles and John Bennett as cameramen. Fred collected the award for the best photography from Alex MacIntosh. An 8 mm titling and editing kit was presented to the club. For the first time in this country an 8 mm film was seen on a 17 ft. 6" by 12 ft. 6" screen. This, we were told, is a magnification of 1,500,000 times; and the result was said to be quite acceptable to the audience of a thousand. (Not that a thousand can be packed into the NFT at any one time).

In 1961 a film of the making of The Lady Beautiful was shown to the club with the title Look at the Lady and this is notable chiefly for the fact that it was the first club film to use the tape synchronising sound method.