Just the Job

In addition to The Red Scarf, a beginners' unit film made on location at Brean Down, Weston-super-Mare and at Staple Hill, Bristol - at that time the only standard 8 mm original in the club's film library - a most successful comedy was produced which has kept its appeal over the years. Just the Job cost the society £17. 10s. 0d to make, gained a Gold Star in the 1956 Ten Best competition and was awarded the Best Fiction award in the Scottish Festival of that year. This was the Alfred Hitchcock Cup. "A model in story-telling" was Charles Frend's description of the film as adjudicator. (Mr. Frend directed such films as Scott of the Antarctic and The Cruel Sea).

The film was directed by Philip Grosset and the boy was played by 10 year old Paul Hending, a Saltford Wolf Cub. As a wolf cub out on a Bob-a-Job week, he tracks down some burglars and brings them to justice. John Earle and Fred Lorenz played the burglars. Cecil Harrison was the burgled house owner.

Just the Job was subsequently shown all over the country and a copy even went to Australia.