“Into the Light”

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“Into the Light” Compilation DVD

A compilation DVD is available and includes Sue Mansi’s debut production of The Making of “Into the Light” with interviews with the various directors, telling us the background of their approach to the script, as well as conversations with actors and crew.

As a bonus feature, there is a short compilation of very amusing out-takes!

Watch Mike George's version of 'Into the Light'

WATCH Mike George’s version

Watch Tim Smart''s version of 'Into the Light'

WATCH Tim Smart’s version

Watch Declan Smith's version of 'Into the Light'

WATCH Declan Smith’s version

Watch David Price's version of 'Into the Light'

WATCH David Price’s version

‘Into the Light’ was written by club member David Price, and offered as a simple short text with minimal instructions on staging and performance; it was up to the individual directors to interpret the words in their own way.

The challenge was accepted by Mike George, Tim Smart and Declan Smith, and David Price produced his own version.

The interpretations of the ‘Into the Light’ script differ greatly in scope and treatment, but all four highlight what can now be achieved with a combination of directorial flare, sophisticated post production and, above all, vivid imaginations

WATCH: The Making of Into the Light - compilation.