italian job - BFVS


We plan to re-shoot the Italian Job. Yes you read that correctly the Italian Job, well not the whole film but just the car chase (see the original - ). In practice we will try some experimental filming to create a 30 - 60 second music type video of radio controlled MinI-Cooper  cars racing around the floor and cut in time to the theme song from the Italian Job

Very experimentally but should be a bit of fun. Main idea is have the cameras at floor level, so small video cameras and perhaps Go Pro cameras.

If you are coming to the club room then please bring (if you can)

It is planned to show the results of this exercise at preview evening for the Mini Epics on 5th February 2018 - so plenty of time for editing.

We might also try some small / miniature green screen

If there is a good crowd then we can also branch out into filming "The Pursuit of the Daleks - Mini Radio Controlled ones.