Mrs Grundy

Prudery was defined by someone as interference with other people’s pleasures; and prudery was the subject of a discussion on the possibility of making a 16 mm colour and optical sound film based on Peter Fryer's book, Mrs Grundy. The film would investigate local attitudes towards the questions of nudity, temperance and the British Sunday.

The film was directed by Philip Grosset. The producer wanted to hear examples of people objecting to nude statues, nudist activities, the evils of drink and restrictions on freedom brought about by Sunday laws. Advertisements were put into the Press to bring out pro and con reactions; and some difficulty was experienced in finding a young lady who would appear topless. The film was made but it is accepted that it has never been one of Bristol's favourite productions.

During the same year, a student’s film about the City of Bath, Queen of the West, was not included in the March public show - now called Films From Bristol - because the committee of the club remembered that it included one single shot of a Bath street scene in which, inadvertently and unconsciously on the part of the cameraman, a dread word appeared on an advert - DUREX.

What price Mrs Grundy?