Western Gateway

A film that has been used many times in many Bristol schools over the years is Western Gateway. It tells the story of the growth of the city of Bristol from the earliest times.

Script, photography and production Ken Pople

Commentary A.Graves, P.Grosset and K.Pople


Sound recording Cyril Sage

Titles by N.J.Dance and W.Roberts

Music by the pupils of Wick Road Primary School, Bristol.

It won a Gold Star award at the 1956 Ten Best. (Gold Star awards are given to films of Ten Best standard and go into the final judging for the "Ten").

It won the Isabel Elder Trophy in the 1957 Scottish Festival. The adjudicator at the Scottish, Anthony Havelock-Allen described the film as "an extremely interesting and very well made history of Bristol".

16 mm. Sound on full magnetic stripe. Running time 30 minutes.