The society was informed by the Chairman of the South West branch of the Inland Waterways Association that the Bristol Water Festival - now an annual event in the City harbour - would be held on July 1st and 2nd in 1972; and that the society would be given all the help that they could so that the club could make a film of the event, Unofficially he added that the IWA might buy a copy.

Ken Lee was appointed producer of the film that would be on standard 8 mm. The producer undertook some of the camerawork and he also had cameramen Harold Fricker, Ray Davies, Nicholas Gates and Joe Higgins. Ron Elson undertook the sound recording side of the production and Ken Lee also took charge of editing.

Each cameraman had different filming tasks and locations. Ken followed the Civic Party from HMS Flying Fox, travelling in a converted lifeboat; Ray Davies had a position on the Civic Party's balcony. Harold Fricker was at Bridgehead Steps, at the Centre end of the Floating harbour and here he filmed the arrival of the Lord Mayor in the Admiral's Barge, He later joined Nicholas Gates on the frigate, HMS Palliser, where Joe Higgins had been shooting. The latter stayed until the "Crossing the Line" ceremony on the ship. Ken had meanwhile been shooting from a boat opposite Palliser.

Altogether some 60 minutes of film was shot and on the final editing this was reduced to 22 minutes. The co-operation of Downend Boy's Brigade was of great assistance in securing a satisfactory rendering of "Sunset" for the final ceremony at the close of the day's activities.

It is generally agreed that the finished record gives a more lively impression than visitors would have received in reality, due possibly to the concentrating of events and the telescoping of time.