The Enemy

Reviewed by Ken Rees, June 2006

An office worker is frustrated with the public transport available. He buys a car only to find that car ownership brings with it a whole set of problems.

B/W; Musical accompaniment; 15 minutes

The Enemy
Reviewed by WBJ Higgins - 1976

Just before the Annual General Meeting, a fairly new member submitted a script for a film which was offered financial backing by the committee: its title was The Enemy and the newcomer was Reg Middle. "For making this film I shall want a small crew to help me", wrote Reg and nine members met above the car repair workshop which he owned, at the Triangle, Clifton. At the AGM on 21st January 1964 the newish member found himself on the committee. (Joe Higgins became chairman with Les Perry vice-chairman).

Interest seems to have waned when it was discovered by some of the new-member volunteers for the film unit that film making is 90 per cent perspiration. Much of the work was done by Reg Middle and Joe Higgins, an alliance that was to have a sequel. And it was also significant that they asked Ron Elson - the film librarian - to be in charge of adding sound to the film.

The actors proved keen but the film had enemies: probably these were gremlins. Permission to film on Corporation property brought a letter from the Town Clerk: they had been put to a lot of trouble at the Council House in the past by the documentary film makers and he regretted... Two films were returned from the labs with regrets and apologies: they were suffering from a disease which films are prone to - reticulation.

A smoke machine was brought on to a location by a road making gang and a session had to be called off. On the 9th May the leading male actor failed to turn up and it was found that he had packed his bags and left home.

No one knew where he was and his wife had notified the Police. Some suggested that he had gone pro. By August all filming was completed and editing took place in the room above the garage.

Middle, Higgins and Elson enjoyed their first experience of filming together and decided to form themselves into a permanent unit, the Golden Unicorn Film Unit.