Reflected Glory (The Dong)

In the 1970 Ten Best Films programme was The Dong, not an official club film but made by three members of B.C.S., Reg Middle, Ron Elson and Joe Higgins. This was a comedy-fantasy based on Edward Lear’s nonsense poem, The Dong With The Luminous Nose. The Ten Best judges wrote:

"A most unusual and enjoyable film. Fantasy of this somewhat grotesque kind is usually confined to animated cartoons and it was daring to attempt it in live action. The director has managed to make it stylish by formalising the action rather like a ballet and by imaginative use of location. Top marks too for the actor who plays the Dong and for the excellent reading of the poem. Photography, Editing, Acting and Sound all good."

366 ft. Ektachrome EF 7241 16 mm
Stripe sound: Camera H16 Bolex Reflex,

The Dong, which also won a Dragon trophy as one of the Welsh Seven of 1970, was included in Bristol's 1972 programme of Films From Bristol. Also shown were the 1935 Bristol Celebrations; John Rowcliffe's Gypsy Gathering, made in the Camargue and which established John as our expert on holiday filming; Welcome Home S.S.Great Britain (1970) was also shown. It was made by Peter Aynge, recording the arrival back in Bristol of Brunel's ship after its long exile in the Falkland Islands.