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Dream Ride


A short fantasy drama written by Merlin Goldman.

A short drama written by Merlin Goldman set on the ledge of a high building.

Black Box

MI6 spys money

An exciting thriller from an unusual angle.  Written by Vincent Leppert

The Senior Service

A short drama by David Price. A story of Knitting, guns and spies.

A series of short documentary films about Bristol and its culture and history

A short drama by David Price.

A provincial theatre, two aging actors and a pantomime cow.

HERE are examples of some we did earlier.

Chalky's Big Job

A short story about Mr Big vetting a new recruit to his organisation over a game of snooker.

Farting and Lying

A short story of dog walkers and Anglo German relations.

Above it All

Beachy Head, two men stand on the edge. Why are they there what will be the outcome?

(working title)

Dead Centre

Two people in a hot air balloon on a flight to a football ground.

Monkey Bars

A mother's relationship with her daughter in a children's play area.

Filming Autumn 2019.