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Rules and Entry Form HERE

ten minute trophy

March 19th

Any subject (max 10 minutes)

The winner will receive the

Jack Baker Trophy and a certificate.

Second placed film will receive the Ivor Wiltshire Memorial Trophy and a certificate.

The Ten Minute Trophy

Ivor Wiltchire memorial trophy

The Quickie Competition

Rules and Entry Form HERE

March 19th

Any subject  (max 5 minutes)

Thalia Goblet and certificate for the winner.

Thalia goblet


Rules and Entry Form HERE

September 17th

‘The first Bristol Cine Society Annual Trophy was fought for in April, 1965 when nine entries competed.  The trophy, a magnificent "Greek Urn" type of cup, was reputedly found by Reg Middle on a refuse dump and restored to more than its original glory.’

The Ray Buckland Trophy for Best Composition and The Don Smith Trophy for Best Narration and/or Spoken Word can also be awarded.

Don Smith Trophy Ray Buckland trophy The Annual Trophy

Annual Trophy Competition

Any subject

No limit in duration

This can be a group or individual effort

Annual Trophy and certificate for the winner

Burris cup for the entry placed second.

The Burris cup