[This document was originally entitled "In the Tradition"]

The Comfort Bringers

The late fifties and early sixties saw, as we have recorded, the making of some outstanding films of social significance; and they were films that gave to the name of Bristol Cine Society an extra dimension, even outside the amateur film movement. They also brought a host of trophies. A tradition was established for polished documentaries on medical-educational themes, a tradition that has carried on even into the seventies. Marlborough House, Claremont, Back to Claremont, The Helping Hand and Summer Holiday all added lustre to the society’s name.

The last of this first batch of such documentaries was made in 1962. Script writing and preliminary investigation for a film about the Bristol Mobile Physiotherapy service had been undertaken by Fred and Valerie Lorenz; and the film, sponsored by the Bristol Health Department and Bristol United Hospitals, got under-way in mid August. It was provisionally titled A Friend In Need. Shooting began at a patient’s home at Westbury under 2 kW of floods and spots under the supervision of Julian Baldwin. The shooting of three minutes of film took, on this occasion, some two and a half hours. Eight hours’ work in one session saw the filming of all sorts of treatment for a number of disorders. The final shooting took place at the Central Health Clinic, Tower Hill. Alternative titles had included A Friend at the Door, but this excellent film (which gained a 4 Star award in the Ten Best) was finally called The Comfort Bringers. It will always be associated with Fred Lorenz.

Running time: 12 minutes. Optical sound, 16 mm colour