House Clearance


Two sisters, and the husband of one of them, have gathered to clear out the belongings of the sisters’ recently deceased mother. They have a history of antagonism and misunderstanding.

While there, they re-visit their disagreement about how the mother, Ruby, should have been taken care of in her declining years.

The husband responds to the tensions by getting drunk, which further enrages his wife. An ornament of sentimental value is knocked over and broken, and the resulting emotions shift everyone’s perceptions.

One scene was filmed outside, presenting a new director with the challenges of sound quality and managing the activity in the public space.


Janet – Fiona Barras

Geoff – Matthew Deering

Myra – Christine Sargent


Producer – Graham Egarr

Director – Sue Mansi

Assistant Director – Mike George

Director of Photography – Tony Orr

Camera Operators – Tony Orr and Sue Cockwell

Boom Operator – Chris Challen

Sound Monitor - Swee Caseley

Clapperboard – Mark Pinkett