Back to Claremont (1962)

In 1962 BCS returned to Claremont to see and record the progress made by children there since the first film. It was about the same running time as the original and was again in colour with an optical sound track. Back to Claremont, with the same director, won another Ten Best as well as a Bronze Medal from the BMA; and a medal for the film of social significance at the 1963 Scottish Amateur Film Festival. Dr. R.C.Wolfinden, Medical Officer of Health for Bristol, wrote that Back to Claremont was "a really splendid film which will do a great deal to answer the critics about the cost of educating spastics."

At the London Amateur Film Festival (LAFF) - the I.A.C. festival held yearly in London - BCS was well represented. Claremont was awarded the top spot, the Daily Mail Challenge Cup as Film Of The Year & first in the documentary class. Runner up in the documentary class was our Marlborough House, Philip Grosset's Summer Holiday was screened and highly commended; and Joe Higgins' Italian Holiday and A Little Spanish Town were both commended and screened.