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Why is America called America?
An investigation into the naming of a Continent.
Made in 2018 : more 
Count to Three
Two friends discuss their suicide pact.
Made in 2018.
Twinkle Twinkle
A bitter chase for a valuable package.
A reinterpretation of the Kennel Films production 'Pursuit' 1978.
Made in 2018.
A short sequence was shot in the BFVS club room on 2nd January 2018. Five editors were then invited to create their own film from the same raw footage.
Watch each of them HERE
Made in 2018.
In Pursuit of Flowers
Suspicion, crime, love and a chase
A reinterpretation of the Kennel Films production 'Pursuit' 1978
Made in 2018.
Thicker than Water
An elderly lady in the early stages of Alzheimer’s is both coping and not coping
with everyday life..
Made in 2016 : more information
Don't Call Me Baby
Hannah is getting ready for a romantic evening out with Mark; Mark is driving home from work. But will the evening pan out as they both hope?
Made in 2016 : more information
What is a Decibel ?
A video by Bristol Film and Video Society member Patrick de Landre-Grogan
Made in 2016
Balanced Audio
How to reduce noise using balanced audio
A video by Bristol Film and Video Society member Patrick de Landre-Grogan
Made in 2016
Bristol Through a Lens
Bristol as shown in club films since 1935
Made in 2016
Bristol Revisited
Club footage from 1956 is combined with 2015 scenes to compare, contrast and celebrate Bristol's proud heritage.
Made in 2016 : more information
Requiem for Caffeine
An addiction recovery group of middle-aged ladies discuss their issues in their weekly meeting. They have all hit rock bottom after their lives have been hijacked by their crippling substance dependence upon...tea.
Made in 2015 : more information
Docks and Docs
A club summer outing to Bristol City Docks in August 2014 inspired members to have a go at making short documentary films
TEN films were made. more information
A Giant Idea
A Proposal to commemorate the digger of the Avon Gorge.
Made in 2014.
Unshut Bristol's New Cut (Gaol ferry Bridge)
A Campaign to open up Bristol's Lost Navigation.
Made in 2014.
The Big Picture
A plan to paint a giant picture in the heart of Bristol.
Made in 2014.
Unlocking the SS Great Britain
The eventful maiden voyage of the SS Great Britain.
Made in 2014.
Cranes Trains and Heritage
Reflections on part of the history of Bristol City Docks and the modern fascination with heritage.
Made in 2014.
Tide and Time
A polemic to improve the gateway to Bristol by harnessing the power of the tide.
Made in 2014.
Grand Central Station
The story where Bristol's railway station may have been.
Made in 2014.
A Short History of 'Bristol'
The story of how Bristol got its name.
Made in 2014.
Dockside Dreaming
A musical celebration of Bristol's nautical heritage.
Made in 2014.
Foot Ferry to Hotwells
'No matter how far the journey the anticipation builds when its end is in sight'.
Made in 2014.
Surprise Appointment
A woman's personal recollections of a friendship at school.
Made in 2014 : more information
House Clearance
Two sisters and the husband of one of them gather to clear out the house of the sister's deceased mother.
Made in 2014 : more information
Three friends, David, Patrick and Ray go out to their local pub for a few jars.
Patrick shows signs of a reoccurring mental illness which gives concern to his two friends.
Made in 2014 : more information
Mr Wellby's Cross
A dark contemporary story about the practical implications of personal debt on an individual with a twist at the end.
Made in 2014 : more information
Ed and Sue go on a Date
A comedic silent film in the style of an educational 1950’s public service announcement about the DO's and DONT's of dating.
Made in 2014 : more information
John Stevens: A tribute
John Stevens was a great friend of Bristol Film and Video Society. He took major roles in a score of our productions over 35 years. Here is an affectionate compilation of video clips taken from some of those productions.
Made in 2014.
Kabul Sunset
The sole survivor of an ambush on a patrol in Kabul seeks refuge in a private house.
Made in 2014 : more information
Lost and Found
Two girls visit a new city to meet a friend.
Made in 2013 : more information
If confession is good for the soul then go in peace.
Made in 2013 during our annual 180 Minute Challenge where we shoot short films, edit and project them - all in one evening!
You ought to take the time to sit and take the World in before it's too late.
Made in 2013 during our annual 180 Minute Challenge where we shoot short films, edit and project them - all in one evening!
Welcome to the Digitas Hotel
A son books the holiday of a lifetime for his father.
Made in 2013 during our annual 180 Minute Challenge where we shoot short films, edit and project them - all in one evening!
Into the Light
One script with four interpretations, by four directors, performed by four actors resuting in four profoundly different versions of the film. Watch each of the four versions HERE
Made in 2013.
Into the Light: How it was made
Sue Mansi shot and edited "The Making of Into the Light” which includes interviews with the various directors, telling us the background of their approach to the script, as well as including conversations with actors and crew.
Made in 2013. more information
Written by Graham Egarr his is a drama with a twist. It was shot near Bath on one long autumn day, and it was great that many of the crew were from our newer members. Filmed at a farm location, it's not just the cameras that were shooting! A chance for our actors to get rough! CLICK HERE to read new member Sue Mansi's article, "My Adventures in Film : Working on the Nightmare shoot".
Made in 2013.
Nightmare: How it was made
Made by John Cockwell, this is his ‘behind the scenes’ look at the production.
Made in 2013.
It's Good to Talk
Dawn Barrah and friends perform their version of the popular British Telecom TV advertisement.
Made in 2012.
Living with Brain Injury
A short informative video about Headway Bristol, encouraging people to give to the brain injured, whom it supports.
Made in 2012.
The Man Who Wasn't There
A woman is interviewed by the police about the disapperance of her husband.
Directed by Malcolm Stephens this is a short film shot locally - Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, Millennium Square and the Black Bridge.
Made in 2011.
Promotional Video
A 60 seconds promotional video made up from a series of clips from our
75 year old archive. Cut to music.
Made in 2011.
The Wigan Girls
A video recording of a musical play, which Arts and Community in Thornbury (ACT) put on as a Community Production over 4 nights during July 2009 in Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol.
Made in 2009. more information
When this Man Dies
Edmund Briggs is a man down on his luck until a letter arrives offering him easy money.
Made in 2008. more information
Encounters with John Wesley
A dramatised illustration of events from the life of the legendary 18th century Methodist preacher,John Wesley.
Made in 2008. more information
Set in Bristol in 1787. The story of an unsung hero, Thomas Clarkson in the fight to abolish slave trading.
Made in 2006. more information . . Watch the trailer (2.5 minutes) HERE
The University of Bristol Botanic Garden
Made for curator Nicholas Wray. A comprehensive tour of the garden prior to its relocation to Stoke Bishop, Bristol.
Made in 2005. more information
This is John Howden's prize-winning animation. Created with a powerful program he found on the Internet called Blender.
Made in 2005.more information
Bristol 2004 - a place odyssey
A video to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of our society. Members recorded 27 events of interest throughout our anniversary year.
Made in 2004. more information
Festival of Remembrance
In 2004 we made a video of the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance in the Colston Hall, Bristol.
Made in 2004. more information
The Other Side of the Sky
At the request of Bristol drama group, St Paul's Players we recorded a performance of their play. It's Science fiction goings-on between another planet (Astrilon) and Earth.
Made in 2003. more information
The Other Side of the Play
Behind the scenes look at the making of St Paul's Players production of 'The Other Side of the Sky'.
Made in 2003. more information
The New Room
In the Broadmead area of the City of Bristol, is the worlds' oldest Methodist chapel.
This video was made for the trustees and will be used to increase awareness of this internationally important building.
Made in 2003. more information
Vernon's Permutation
Did you know Shakespeare was a woman? An ageing Shakespearian actor is forced to reconsider his Destiny, the Meaning of Life and Everything.
Made in 2003. more information
Images in Time
Conceived to mark the millennium, this project shows the way the city of Bristol has changed, and is changing, by using extracts of films from the club's archive.
Made in 2002. more information
Ron: In his own words
In 2002 Ron Elson recalled his early days and long association with Bristol Cine Society (later to
become Bristol Film and Video Society) for a documentary about the club.
Made in 2002.
Anne Teakes
Originally called THE ANTIQUES SIDESHOW "Anne Teakes" is a true joint effort. Not only was it performed by a group, it was also written by the cast and production team.
Made in 2001. more information
Mr Davidson's Autumn
The title came first with the basic idea of a man returning to a small seaside resort for the last time. Local amateur actor John Stevens took the premis and fleshed out the story to give it an 'ending'.
Made in 2001. more information
The video features an eccentric professor who travels across England and South
Wales from Greenwich to Cardiff using various land marks and towns to represent
the planets' distance from the sun.
Made in 1999. more information
Sonny's Song
'This is a well acted and gentle story with good photography, a natural, nicely written script, and good use of location' - Guernsey Lily International Film and Video Festival - 2000
Made in 1999. more information
Stretching with Shakespeare
Made at a time when the video market was awash with celebrity fitness videos, 'Stretching with Shakespeare' was written by, and starred local actor, Geoff Salter.
Made in 1999. more information
Choir Practice
Ghostly goings on in church.
Made in 1998.
Elm Park Orpheans
A re-make of the 1973 club exercise,"Charlotte Street Orpheans" using the same 'musicians' where possible.
First attempt at NLE with 'Casablanca'.
Made in 1998.
The Same Time Next Week
Written for and featuring John Stevens this video drew many prestigious awards
when it was completed in 1998.
Made in 1998. more information
Songs of Praise
The record of a special service at Dundry Parish Church.
Made in 1997.
Air Training Corps ProMo
A five minute, all-action promotional video made to encourage young people to join the 2146 Air Training Corps.
Made in 1997.
The Pendant
A man has a supernatural encounter.
Made in 1996.
Fire and Water
A record of some of the special effect and methods used to create our most
ambitious film so far, "Cabot".
Made in 1996.
This costume drama, shot at historical locations in Bristol and its surroundings, has
a cast of 120 drawn from amateur drama groups throughout the area.
Made in 1996. more information
Pill '95
A day at Pill Regatta.
Made in 1995.
I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You
A club-night exercise. Snail spotters tell their story.
Made in 1995.
A young french girl gets her wish.
Made in 1993.
The Making of Skodaman
'Skodaman' behind the scenes.
Made in 1992.
Flash Bang Wollop
'Skodaman' special effects.
Made in 1992.
An 'anoraky' camper sees something very suspicious going on at a seaside quay.
The smugglers give chase.
Made in 1992 more information
The Pink Ballerina Affair
Private detectives, drugs and a small dog. There's plenty of action, and a few laughs before justice is out.
Made in 1990 more information
The Big Bang
This is a terrorist drama set in the City. The stockmarkets are rocked when a
business tycoon is murdered.
Made in 1990 more information
Deja Vu
Is a murderer on the loose?
Made in 1990.
Time & Tide
A polished production on the history of the Bristol Floating Harbour and River Avon. Captures the demolition of the Bonded warehouse.
Made in 1989 more information
The Last Year
The club's final year at Charlotte Street.
Made in 1988.
Terminal Moves
A married business man is having an affair. Blackmail is the order of the day in a drama played straight and to the point.
Made in 1987 more information
A stressed man finds a peaceful place.
Made in 1987.
Devil's Bridge
Two friends discuss the history and rumours surrounding an old bridge, where a battle took place during the civil war over 300 years before. They decide to meet at the bridge on the anniversary of the battle.
Made in 1985 more information
Dr Goldraker
An adventure with master spy 003.5
Made in 1985 : Shot on 8mm film stock.
Scrapbook '84
Long time club member Peter Heaven guides you through a look at the City of Bristol in 1984 and some of the events that took place in that year.
Made in 1984 more information
Rattle Snake
A club exercise in drama.
Made in 1984.
Fred is released rom prison. His one remaining ambition is to dig up the diamonds he buried all those years ago. Unfortunately...
Made in 1983 more information
The Siege of Charlotte Street
A club-night filming exercise.
Made in 1980.
The Making of The Nautical Novice
Gaffs and Outakes
Made in 1981 : Shot on 8mm film stock.
The Nautical Novice
A comedy depicting the misadventures of an inept weekend sailor. "a nicely contrived production with some genuinely amusing sequences".
Made in 1981 more information
Sounds in a Propriate (SuperChopper)
We set out to make a film with all the WRONG music. The result? Tree surgeons that fly and Peter falls in love .
Made in 1979 by Kennel Films
Sound O Matic XL
We invent a revolutionary new cine camera that doesn't use film and creates its own sounds. Watch as we do field trials on this amazing breakthrough in camera design.
Made in 1979 by Kennel Films
Summer Changes
A period piece set in the 'twenties and tells of the changes in relationship between a young man and the two people closest to him, his father and his girl friend.
Made in 1978 by Kennel Films more information
The Odd Job
A comedy involving two odd-job men and their efforts to take a couple of tailor's dummies from one place to another.
Made in 1978 more information
A fast-paced chase sequence around the streets of Bristol and the old warehouse district.
Moral: Leave the cat basket at home!
Made in 1978 by Kennel Films
Bristol Celebrations 1977
The Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-1977. The Queen comes
to Bristol and we are there to record the event.
Made in 1977 more information
Yoga with Joy
"Find a quiet retreat for the practice of yoga, sheltered from the wind, level and clean, free from rubbish, smoldering fires and ugliness, and where the sound of waters and the beauty of the place help thought and contemplation."
Made in 1976 for Joy Burling, a local Yoga teacher.
Mother's Day
A down-and-out who, while sitting with two cronies around a fire in a derelict area, sees a reference to Mothers' Day in a scrap of newspaper. In spite of his befuddled state he determines to go and see his Mum and take her some flowers.
Made in 1974 more information
Edward Jenner
A "costume" drama about the life of Edward Jenner who discovered a vaccination process against the terrible scourge of 18th/ 19th century England and the world, SMALLPOX.
Made in 1973 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit
Bristol 24416
Made for the Bristol Department of Health and Social Services this dramatised documentary shows something of the work of Bristol's VD clinic.
Made in 1973
Bristol 600
By Royal Charter granted in 1373 by King Edward III, Bristol became a City and County independent of both Gloucestershire and Somerset. On a rare sunny day
in the wet summer of 1973, Queen Elizabeth II came to open the celebrations.
Made in 1973 more information
Water Festival '72
We are invited to film the Bristol Water Festival for the the South West branch of the Inland Waterways Association. The result is a 20 minute record for posterity.
Made in 1972 more information
Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled.
When 'electronic' music was becoming popular (synthesisers, musique concrète) this is one man's visual interpretation of the new sound.
No hidden messages or obscure meanings - just creative imagination.
Made in 1972 by Kennel Films.
Theme in Movement
A "demonstration item" performed by the South Bristol Technical College Leaders Keep Fit Class. We are invited to film it so that they can use it as a teaching aid.
Made in 1972 more information
Kennet and Avon Canal
Documentary about the canal's restoration. Starts with some history of its origin and downfall. Scenes then show the locks being cleared of rubbish and pollution.
Made in 1971 more information
Dead Man's Laugh
An escaped prisoner steals a car for a quick getaway.
Moral: Look in the boot!
Made in 1971 by Kennel Films
The Big Flap
Taking off is easy - it's the landing that's the problem!
Made in 1970 by Kennel Films
Take a Letter
A Club Promo.
Made in 1973.
The Dong
Based on the nonsense poem of Edward Lear, THE DONG WITH THE LUMINOUS NOSE.
Won a coveted award as one of the Ten Best films of 1970.
Made in 1970 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit more information
The Showmen
In an interview with Showman Henry Rogers, "We carried it all in for 17 shillings!"
An affectionate look at one of the last showmen families.
Made c.1970 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit
The Monks of Prinknash
The Abbot of the Benedictine monastery near Gloucester gave the unit complete access to all aspects of their life. The result is a fascinating insight into their community.
Made c.1970 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit
The Chameleon
A silent film inspired by "The Day of the Jackal"
Made in 1970 by Unit 70
A peaceful family outing in the country is brought to an end when the youngest
daughter goes missing.
Made in 1969 more information
A Future for Amanda
Made for the Bristol Department of Health and Social Services this documentary shows something of the work of a local training school for the mentally handicapped.
Made in 1969 more information
Feet First
The Bristol Chiropody Service.
Made in 1967
The Comfort Bringers
A film, sponsored by the Bristol Health Department and Bristol United Hospitals, about the Bristol Mobile Physiotherapy service.
Made in 1966 more information
El Driver
A leaner driver preparing to take the driving test dreams of the test where he causes the examiner to finally loose his cool.
Made in 1965 more information
Late Hornblower
A hornplayer awakes after a wild party to discover that he will be late for an important gig. His efforts to get there are frustrated at every turn.
Made in 1965 more information
Have you ever thought about what goes into making a loaf of bread? Ploughing, Harrowing, Sowing, Fertilising, Growing, Harvesting and finally to the Mill. It's all here.
Made c.1964 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit
Mrs Grundy
A film to investigate local attitudes towards the questions of nudity, temperance and the British Sunday.
Made in 1964 more information
The Enemy
An office worker is frustrated with the public transport available. He buys a car only
to find that car ownership brings with it a whole set of new problems.
Made in 1964 more information
Cowboys and Indians
The story carried a message showing how easily those with weapons can, unwittingly perhaps, use them with disastrous results.
Made in 1964 more information
The Beavers Break Through
A young girl is trapped in a cave. The Beaver Patrol rescue her. - Sponsored by the Boy Scout Association..
Made in 1963 more information
Our Darling Daughter
The story was a serious one: it was to symbolize the rebellion of a grossly over-protected daughter against the parents.
Made in 1963 more information
Scrapbook '63
A record of the events that took place in and around Bristol during 1963 starting with heavy snow and ending with the closure of the Embassy cinema in Clifton.
Made in 1963 more information
Back to Claremont
"a really splendid film which will do a great deal to answer the critics about the cost of educating spastics." - Dr. R.C.Wolfinden, Medical Officer of Health for Bristol.
Made in 1962 more information
A strange story involving a young couple.
The film is silent as the sound track is lost. .
Made in 1962.
Twelve Noon
Film Noir made in Black and White. A robbery heist with plenty of suspense supported by a nice jazz sound track.
Made in 1962 more information

An unfinished domestic story.
Made in 1962.
Venture '61
The Boys Scouts Association held a Venturer camp for Senior Scouts and Rovers at Torbay during May 1961 and they wanted us to film it.
Made in 1961 more information
The Last Bus
A young man visits the cinema and dreams of several alternative endings to the film with chaotic results.
Made in 1961 more information
Look at the Lady
A film about the making of 'The Lady Beautiful' - the first club film to use the tape synchronising sound method.
Made in 1961 more information
The Guy
A child falls in love with a 5th November Guy.
Made in 1961
A Helping Hand
Schools for children with physical and learning difficulties.
Made in 1960
The Lady Beautiful
A party from the club visited the National Film Theatre in March 1961 to see the first public showing of the Top 8 of 1960. One of the eight was, 'The Lady Beautiful'.
Made in 1960 more information
Six Days Shalt Thou Labour
A comedy of mishaps.
Made in 1959
A film about the care and welfare of cerebral palsied children at the Bristol Education Committee's school, Claremont.
Made in 1959 more information
Marlborough House
Documentary about the activities of Marlborough House Training School for the Mentally Handicapped.
Made in 1958 more information
Early One Morning
Scouts track down a poacher.
Made in 1958.
To Have and To Hold
The light-hearted story of a male agony aunt. Judged to be one of the Ten Best amateur films of 1958."impressed by its slickness, pace and smoothness, qualities usually lacking in amateur films".
Made in 1957 more information
Just the Job
A Wolf Cub from the 1st. Saltford Scout Group is out on a Bob-a-Job week. He tracks down some burglars and brings them to justice.
Made in 1956 more information.
Clifton Suspension Bridge
After a brief pre-amble, there is a description in broad technical terms of the construction of the bridge, then the competition for the design of the bridge and finally the way the bridge was built.
Made in 1956 more information.
Western Gateway
A film that has been used many times in many Bristol schools over the years.
It tells the story of the growth of the city of Bristol from the earliest times.
Made in 1956 more information

The Red Scarf
A drama set in Bristol and the coast.
Made in 1956.
The Bird Book
Another scout film.
Made in 1956.
Friese-Greene Plaque
The Lord Mayor of Bristol unveiled a memorial blue plaque to William Friese-Greene, the pioneer of cinematography.
Made in 1955 more information.
Our Good Neighbours
The War was still only nine years into history and Civil Defence and the possibilities of atomic warfare were very much in people's minds. How would Bristol Civil Defence cope with the aftermath of an attack?
Made in 1954 more information
You Call Yourselves Scouts
Acted by the 1st Saltford Scout Troop, two scouts catch an apple thief and so clear themselves of suspicion.
Made in 1954 more information
A celebrated concert pianist suffers a badly injured hand when she and her husband are mugged in a dark Bristol alley. She cannot play again; but her daughter grows up to be a great pianist too.
Made in 1951 more information
Let's Go to the Movies
A young man arranges to meet his girlfriend but, what will he wear. A mix-up over trousers, nosey neighbours and misunderstandings result in a gentle comedy.
Made as a 16mm silent film in 1950.
Albert's Treasure Box
This film holds a special place in the club’s history and affections, for it was the first fiction film to be attempted and the first club film after the war.
Made in 1949 more information
A visit to Wookey
A group of well-groomed club members are seen wandering around Wookey Hole.
The film ends with views from inside the cave.
Made in 1946 more information
Long Ashton Research and Cider Institute
A snapshot of the activities at the Long Ashton Research Station. Focuses on the harvesting of the cider apple’s, pressing, storage and bottling.
Made in 1936 more information
Bristol Celebrations
The Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary. This, the first film produced by the Bristol Film Society, was of course using the medium of the time - 16mm black and white film with no sound.
Made in 1935 more information


Listed in chronological order - oldest at the bottom.