Originally called


"Anne Teakes" is a true joint effort. Not only was it performed by a group, it was also written by the cast and production team.

Following an initial idea inspired by a much loved television programme a brainstorming session was held in January 2000 at which an amazing ninety ideas were put forward. By far the most common

suggestion being that the event was being used as a

cover for some sort of criminal activity.

Immediately following the Brainstorming Session all the ideas submitted were analysed and sorted into the practical and non practical. A very rough draft script was then drawn up incorporating as many ideas as possible.

From this the final script was developed.

Over half the ideas put forward at the brainstorming session were incorporated into the draft script, many merged

together to make a composite scene.

The final script was then shot in June and July by five separate film units. This was followed by the filming of special effects, editing and sound track assembly.

Whilst all films can be said to be team efforts this is particularly so in this case.