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’The Western Daily Press of January 8th 1934 reported, under the headline BRISTOL CIVIC HEADS SHOT - BUT ONLY WITH CINE CAMERA, a rather splendid, and for us historic, film show. There was a picture of some well starched, wing-collared and pin-striped gentlemen, brandishing movie cameras, accompanied by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bristol at the Royal Hotel, College Green. This has often been quoted as the first meeting of what is now the Bristol Cine Society.’ *

* In 1988 we became Bristol Film and Video Society.  Ed.

8 January


21 January


Alex Hansen, professional cameraman, returned to BFVS to present us with a wealth of hints and tips for lighting, especially when filming interviews. His wide experience of covering situations at the highest level was evident as he made slight adjustments and clearly displayed the points he was making. Aware that our members wouldn't own or have access to the expensive kit that he sometimes uses, he had some great suggestions for using very cheap and widely available substitutes. Many members brought along their own favourite lamps, resulting in a forest of lights and stands, a few of which are shown, and our thanks to member Julian Baldwin who 'sat-in' for the role of 'glamourous assistant'!

We have no excuses now! Critical eyes will be scanning every frame…


Grand Premiere Evening

15 April

Chairman, Jane Andrews welcomes a specially invited audience of acting friends and guests to the first showing of seven recently completed films.

Amongst the distinguished were, Don Fairservice; Jan and Dave Watterson and Honorary Life Members, John Howden and Ken Rees.

4 February


This was the day we all got together to make 4 films in one day.

Sue Mansi, who directed one of the films has written an article about this amazing event.

Read it HERE or Download it as a pdf file

15 February


John Stevens was a great friend of Bristol Film and Video Society. He took major roles in a score of our productions over 35 years.

Compiled by Bob Bennett and Mike George here is a 9 minute video of clips taken from some of those productions.

CLICK to watch the video.

There was a total of 19 entries to all competitions which equals last year’s record.

The Quickie Competition.

This was won by Malcolm Stephens with his entry, Vanishing Act

Runner-up was Chris Challen with, Holiday Time Again.

The "My Place" Competition was won by Diana Taylor with her entry entitled, 1962: Northern England.

The Holiday Video Competition

This was won by Diana Taylor with, Sun, Sex and Socialism

Runner-up was Gordon Young with, The Glories of Piazza San Marco!

Competition Night

18 March

22 February


We thought it was high time we awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership to our much loved and respected CGI guru, John Howden.

John last visited us in April '13 when he showed some fascinating footage and explained how he had digitally created a Roman Villa for inclusion in a film illustrating an archaeological site unearthed in Wiltshire.

John is firmly convinced that much of the work done by visual effects companies in the professional film world can also be achieved by the amateur working at home.

30 March



In the 2014 BIAFF Competition Martin received 3 stars for

Lost and Found.  Gordon received 4 stars and the music prize for Avon Gorge and Declan was awarded 4 stars for his version of Into the Light.

Pictured is Declan receiving his award from the president of the IAC, Linda Gough FACI

Declan also won the Penny Cup Competition with Into the Light

Read the Penny Cup judges comments.

See a list of all the winners on Frome’s website

5 April


Heap praises upon this man!

Rumour has it that he’s won FIRST PRIZE in the Documentary class and OVERALL SECOND in the 2014 Frome Five Minute Festival with his film, The Last Flight of P3038

N.B. Terence won the Don Smith Trophy for Best Narration and Spoken Word in our Annual Trophy Competition last October.  Getting to be a habit Terence?

17 June

Strange Storms and Symphonies , The Life of George Lloyd, Cornish Composer 1913 to 1998 by Diana Taylor (which won our Annual Trophy Competition in 2013), was entered in the recent SoCo Weekender Competition and has won the Top of the Clubs award.

Your appreciation in terms of love, respect, congratulations and gentle back-slapping could now be sent to Diana.

Thanks to the full cooperation of Sue Turner, Communications Director for the Bristol Port Company, filming has just begun at Royal Portbury and Avonmouth Docks on the updated version of the club film 'Western Gateway'.

Full story HERE

11 June



Archivist, Bob Bennett has uploaded fifty-five films from our archive to Vimeo and more titles are being added in the coming weeks.

You can access these HERE or click the vimeo link to go direct to our Vimeo Channel “Club Collection”

19 July


17 August

THE SHOWMEN - made by the Golden Unicorn Film Unit

A film from our archive, the Golden Unicorn Film Unit production 'The Showmen', has been very well received by members of the Western Section of The Showmen's Guild of Great Britain. The Guild dates back to 1889 and looks after the interests and livelihoods of travelling showmen who attend funfairs.  The film shows life on the road in 1970 with the family funfair business of H. Rogers & Sons.

See the film for yourself on our Vimeo pages http://vimeo.com/101792816

Golden Unicorn

We looked at cranes and quadcopters and were spellbound by John Cockwell’s demonstration.

Some details HERE

19 August


We asked Graham Egarr, Tony Orr, Sue and John Cockwell and Tim Smart (the cast and crew of our current production, A Giant Idea) to investigate.

So, who’s responsible for the bit of ‘Banksy’ that’s appeared on the wall

at the entrance to Bristol City Docks?

Sources inform us that it’s a painting

of the Giant Gorum

23 August

Archivist, Bob Bennett has uploaded ten more productions to our Vimeo site, bringing the total to sixty five. Bob plans to stop there for the moment unless he gets a request for a specific production to be added.

Many hours of work but good to see that these precious productions are no longer just languishing in archives.  Now the whole wide world can see them HERE

5 October


It is with great regret that we announce the death of one of our oldest members.

Read an affectionate paragraph or two as a PDF file or a DOC file.

7 October


1924 - 2014

Julian Baldwin attended this competition and tells us,

‘I am pleased to say that the award (a cup) for the best film by a non-member of the IAC went to BFVS member Diana Taylor for her film  "Clifton to Easton", a short film about the railway between those points and which uses a poem for the sound track.

The club film "Kabul Sunset" was awarded the cup for 'Best use of Sound'.

The club film "Mr Welby's Cross" was awarded a certificate for being “Highly Commended'.’

10 October


The certificate for Kabul Sunset

Mouse-over to enlarge

21 October


Runner up was Gordon Young for The Avon Gorge

Tim Smart was awarded the Don Smith Trophy for Best Narration and/or Spoken Word

Santoshmohan Veeranki wins TWO prizes -

The Annual Trophy for Coeur de Pierre and

The Ray Buckland Trophy for Best Composition with, Lamb Me

On a very chilly December 2nd we celebrated our 80th anniversary at The Cube Microplex in Bristol with a screening of films past and present selected from our extensive archive.

In the first half members and guests saw extracts of films made in each decade since our formation in 1934, whist the second half showcased more recent work, with a mixture of club productions and extracts from films made by individual members or small groups.

2 December


Click HERE to watch BFVS 80th Anniversary Archive Extracts on Vimeo - 50 minutes

The old footage stood up well to projection on a large screen, whilst the latest material really illustrated the great advances made in picture and sound technology during the past eighty years. Our founding members would have been very envious!