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15 February


RUNNER UP was Bob Bennett's video called "Just Hot Air"
It was shot on his very first flight in a hot air balloon over Bath in 1999. He waited until now to edit the mini DV footage to music on a computer he purchased last year.

John Howden won FIRST PRIZE with "Blockhead". A 3D animation with a 'toys play when humans are away' theme. Toy blocks were chosen for John's first animation video because they were simple to construct. The animation software used is available free on the Internet at www.blender.org.

Click here to read John's article.


1 March


Frank Bond presented a comprehensive talk and encouraged members to exploit the various camera functions for creative use.

17 March


BBC Points West presenter David Garmston had a hectic day on March 15th when, after presenting the programme live until 7 o'clock, he left the studio to come and talk to members about a DVD that he presented and produced called ' Bristol We Loves 'ee'.

3 May


BAFTA award winning editor Don Fairservice kept members enthralled with his expert knowledge on the art of editing. His talk on why and where to cut left his audience demanding another visit as soon as possible.


14 September


In 1984 we filmed a video diary of some of the happenings in Bristol during that year. It was felt, twenty years later and in order to mark the seventieth year of the Society, that it was time to create an up to date version. So, during 2004 some eleven members went out and filmed twenty-six items to include in our new Diary.

John Gorst (Producer) says, "It will be shortly ready for viewing and will be premiered on November 1st. I do hope you will enjoy it. It will be a valuable addition to the Club Archive for the years to come".

Click for details.

It takes the form of an hour long sunny look at the City and covers subjects as diverse as Clifton and Concorde. After an entertaining chat and screening of various pieces from the production he had to return to the BBC to read the local news at 10.30!

15 March


Sources reveal that two members of this august society were seen lurking in the vicinity of the Catholic Hall in Frome at the weekend.

Rumour has it that one of those members was, 'Father of the House', Mr Ron Elson!

Your reporter also understands that Mr Elson was there as 'Minder' for Mr Malcolm Stephens who won an award at this prestigious annual shindig ( aka Frome Five Minute Festival ).

Go to http://www.philmar.demon.co.uk/page7.html for the evidence...

19 April


Chairman Bob Bennett won the Jack Baker trophy with his film, 'Scotland'. Bob says, 'I waited about 15 years to edit this and it had improved with the keeping!'

Runner-up was Frank Bond's video, "15 miles from Poland" - a walking holiday in Slovakia.

Also tonight Ron Elson was given an 80th birthday present. A couple of Laurel and Hardy DVDs now that Ron has joined the DVD revolution.

17 September


In the last few days and with quite a bit of behind the scenes effort the club has now transferred a total of forty nine films from its library to make them available on loan to members on DVD.

Access to our old material has always been a problem, but now all club members can take the opportunity to wallow in nostalgia and view an assortment of titles which go back as far as 1935. This service is free and is yet another benefit of joining the club.

19 September


October 4th will see the premiere of 'The University of Bristol Botanic Garden at Bracken Hill'.

The garden first started in 1882 on a small site at the junction of University Road and Woodland Road. Adolph Leipner, in whose honour a blue plaque has recently been installed, was given a grant of £15.00 to lay out the new garden and raised a further £89.15s. 4½d. for planting!! Over the years the site for the garden moved three times until it arrived at Bracken Hill in 1959 where it became well established. The site has recently been sold and the garden moved to its latest home at 'The Holmes' Stoke Park Road, Bristol.

Nick Wray, the Curator, has appeared many times on 'Gardeners World' with the late Geoff Hamilton and had the experience to present an interesting video.

The premiere will only include excerpts from the video as the total running time is 100 minutes, but will be enjoyable and informative.

CLICK HERE to read the item on the filming of the last year of the garden at Bracken Hill.

15 November 2005


It was standing room only for the recent screening of the 2005 Annual Trophy Competition at the clubroom. Nine videos were shown and after each one the judge, producer and director Keith Sheather, gave his critique. Before the results were announced the packed audience wined and dined into the night, well 9.30pm, when Keith awarded prizes and commented on the very high standard of entries.

WINNER was John Howden with his 3D animated entry, "Get Animated"
SECOND PRIZE went to Frank Bond for,
"In a Corner of a Foreign Field"
JOINT THIRD PRIZE awarded to Bob Bennett for, "Memories" and Roger Pyne for, "The Taste of Murder".

… or, buy Malcolm a pint to congratulate him on his success in the Holiday/Travelogue section of the competition with his production of, 'Garda Memories' (Edited highlights of a visit to Lake Garda, Italy)


10 March


The chroma key technique has been used extensively in our current production, "Clarkson". As a result, Declan Smith has become an expert so, we asked him to write an article about it!

Click here to read Declan's article.