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Taking off is easy - it's the landing that's the problem!

Made in 1970 by Kennel Films.

The Big Flap

A Club Promo.

Made in 1970.

Take a Letter

Based on Edward Lear’s nonsense poem, THE DONG WITH THE LUMINOUS NOSE.

Won a coveted award as one of the TEN BEST FILMS of 1970 and a DRAGON TROPHY at the 1970 WELSH SEVEN COMPETITION.

Made in 1970 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit

The Dong

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In an interview with Showman Henry Rogers, "We carried it all in for 17 shillings!"

An affectionate look at one of the last showmen families.

Made in 1970 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit

The Showmen

Golden Unicorn

The Abbot of the Benedictine monastery near Gloucester gave the unit complete access to all aspects of their life. The result is a fascinating insight into their community.

Made in 1970 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit

The Monks of Prinknash

Golden Unicorn

A silent film inspired by "The Day of the Jackal"

Made in 1970 by Unit 70

  The Chameleon


Documentary about the canal's restoration. Starts with some history of its origin and downfall. Scenes then show the locks being cleared of rubbish and pollution.


Made in 1971.

Kennet and Avon Canal

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An escaped prisoner steals a car for a quick getaway.

Moral: Look in the boot!

Made in 1971 by Kennel Films.

Dead Man's Laugh


We are invited to film the Bristol Water Festival for the the South West branch of the Inland Waterways Association. The result is a 20 minute record for posterity.

Made in 1972.

Water Festival '72

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When 'electronic' music was becoming popular (synthesisers, musique concrète) this is one man's visual interpretation of the new sound.

No hidden messages or obscure meanings - just creative imagination.

Made in 1972 by Kennel Films.

Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled


A "demonstration item" performed by the South Bristol Technical College Leaders Keep Fit Class. We are invited to film it so that they can use it as a teaching aid.

Made in 1972.

Theme in Movement

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A "costume" drama about the life of Edward Jenner who discovered a vaccination process against the terrible scourge of 18th/ 19th century England and the world, SMALLPOX.

Made in 1973 by The Golden Unicorn Film Unit

Edward Jenner

Golden Unicorn

Made for the Bristol Department of Health and Social Services this dramatised documentary shows something of the work of Bristol's VD clinic.

Made in 1973.

Bristol 24416

By Royal Charter granted in 1373 by King Edward III, Bristol became a City and County independent of both Gloucestershire and Somerset. On a rare sunny day

in the wet summer of 1973, Queen Elizabeth II came to open the celebrations.

Made in 1973.

Bristol 600

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A club members exercise in cutting to music.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Charlotte Street Orpheans rendition of “The Bridge.”

Plus a full supporting programme of other popular old favourites.

Made in 1973.

Charlotte Street Orpheans

A down-and-out who, while sitting with two cronies around a fire in a derelict area, sees a reference to Mothers' Day in a scrap of newspaper. In spite of his befuddled state he determines to go and see his Mum and take her some flowers.

Made in 1974

Mother's Day

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"Find a quiet retreat for the practice of yoga, sheltered from the wind, level and clean, free from rubbish, smoldering fires and ugliness, and where the sound of waters and the beauty of the place help thought and contemplation."

Made in 1976 for Joy Burling, a local Yoga teacher.

Yoga with Joy

The Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-1977.

The Queen comes to Bristol and we are there to record the event.

Made in 1977.

Bristol Celebrations 1977

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A comedy involving two odd-job men and their efforts to take a couple of

tailor's dummies from one place to another.

Made in 1978.

The Odd Job

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A fast-paced chase sequence around the streets of Bristol and the old warehouse district.

Moral: Leave the cat basket at home!

Made in 1978 by Kennel Films



We set out to make a film with all the WRONG music. The result? Tree surgeons that fly and Peter falls in love .

We invent a revolutionary new cine camera that doesn't use film and creates its own sounds. Watch as we do field trials on this amazing breakthrough in camera design.

Made in 1979 by Kennel Films

Made in 1979 by Kennel Films

Sounds in a Propriate (SuperChopper)

Sound O Matic XL


A period piece set in the 'twenties and tells of the changes in relationship between a young man and the two people closest to him, his father and his girl friend.


Made in 1979 by Kennel Films

Summer Changes

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One of the winning films in the 1982 PLYMOUTH A.C.S WESTWARD 8