On 17th July 21 people took part in the BFVS Filmmaking in Bristol 180 Minute Challenge. This is the shooting, editing and showing of a short drama film in one evening.

Starting at 6:30 pm three groups working to pre-written scripts had to be ready for projection by 9:30 pm. The scripts were; A crime story "Ladies who Steal", A spy story "Boris" and story "Brothers".

Seventeen BFVS members were joined by four actors and all the films were shot by 8:30 pm. Unfortunately one group had technical problems with the edit but at 9:30 pm two finished films were shown.

BFVS Filmmaking in Bristol

180 Minute Challenge.


'Boris' played by Dave Mitchell

The woman played by Christine Sargent remembers past encounters on the bench.

A shared interest in the Daily Telegraph

Directed by Steve Andrews  :  Edited by Mark Harrison.

Just a chance meeting or something else?

Angus Brown

Cameras, Tony Orr and Dhiman Saha : Edited by John Cockwell : Directed by Sue Cockwell.

The two ladies played by Cheryl Rowlands and Natalie Scott had enjoyed a "lovely liquid lunch."

A nice shot of adjusting the wing mirror.

Policeman played by Vincent Leppert.

'As the challenge was to film, edit and show in one evening, we had the plan to use an external mic plugged into one camera and film in sequence so to help with the editing, but alas, all great plans of mice and men - squeak, squeak!

We ended up using two cameras and the sound was in separate files.  The shot of the ladies trying to find a car had poor Tony trying to film while balancing on a chair!  Then how to do the sound without boom in shot?  The storyboard worked well and with serendipity the film was finally produced.'

Sue Cockwell.

Script - Graham Egarr : Director - Neal Tucker : Editors - Neal Tucker and David James : Music - Neal Tucker

Assistant Director - Jane Andrews : Camera Operator - David James : Sound Engineer - Terry Sheppard



Ladies who Steal