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Welcome to Bristol Film and Video Society.

All aspects of film making are covered at our twice monthly meetings which STILL run throughout the year!

Under the present lockdown we are a virtual club; all our meetings take place via Zoom!

Why not come to our next one? All normal club fees are suspended until the lockdown is over, but we still have guest speakers, 'how to' sessions and, yes, practical events!

Email us to find out how.

We look forward to “seeing” you soon.



Next meeting: Via Zoom

Tuesday 7th July, 7.30pm

Mark Harrison and Mihai Anghel

Time to Move On
The Role of Editing in Telling the Story

At our next virtual meeting on 7th July we will be looking at the perfect cut, figuring out how through clever editing you can tell your story efficiently and effectively and create the emotional cues to make your film special. The evening will be in two parts.

We will start with Mark Harrison tapping into the expertise of a giant in film editing (clearly not himself but Walter Murch famed editor of films like Apocalypse Now and The Godfather Part II and Part III) and the second part of the evening will be a practical look by Mihai Anghel at the way a scene can be edited in different ways to tell a story completely differently.

The 10 Rules of Film Editing (and WHY and WHEN you can break them!) with Mark Harrison

A compulsory read in his recent MA in Film Documentary Production at UWE, was In the Blink of the An Eye by Walter Murch. The insights of Murch have influenced film makers all over the World. George Lucas said of his book that it is “a must for anyone who is interested in truly understanding the film making process”.

To save you buying and reading Murch’s book (£9.25 on Amazon by the way!) and other key reads like ‘The Art of the Cut’ by Greg Keast, Mark will be looking at their ideas on why cuts work or fail. Sharing a range of best practice examples from feature films, Mark will explore Murch’s seminal Rule of Six for the perfect cut.

But rules are to be broken and so Mark will also show how film makers have at times deliberately broken those rules to great effect!


Controlling the feel of a scene through editing with Mihai Anghel (recent winner in the BFVS Spring 2020 competition).

Mihai will take a practical look at how different cuts and colours impact the feeling a scene sends to the viewer.

Using mainstream films and a live demonstration, Mihai will show how different edits can create alternative outcomes to a scene and very different feelings for the viewer. The emphasis will be on both the points where cuts are made and the alternate methods of scene manipulation through the use of colour correction and audio.