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Tuesday 19 November, 7.30pm

WELCOME to Bristol Film and Video Society.

All aspects of film making are covered at our twice monthly meetings which run throughout the year.

You can find us at 7.30pm every first and third Tuesday of the month at the Filton Town Council Pavilion, Elm Park, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PS.

Why not come to a couple of meetings and see how you get on. One of our clubs main aims is to help beginners and if you decide to join membership is only £45 for a whole year. For this you get guest speakers, 'how to' sessions, practical events and, if you choose, involvement in our ongoing projects and productions.

We look forward to meeting you soon.



The Documentary - The complete UWE MA Documentary Production Course in 90 minutes!

Mark Harrison has recently (almost) completed an MA in Film Documentary Production at the University of the West of England. To save you a heap of time and £9500, he will be sharing insights from the course including the different documentary genres, the principles of storytelling and using the 3 Act Structure, the power of reveals and the whole process from pitching the original idea to scripting and organising and managing filming and professional post production. He will share the examples of best practice that tutors shared with him and will show clips from numerous highly rated documentaries to illustrate the principles of effective documentary storytelling.

In the second half of the evening, looking at an example project from start to finish, you will have the chance to see (and interact with) his final MA project which is a very different 'interactive video' on Artificial Intelligence and its potential to replace human creativity. You will be asked to choose between two soundtrack compositions and decide which is the human created one and which was produced by a machine!