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Welcome to Bristol Film and Video Society.

All aspects of film making are covered at our twice monthly meetings which run throughout the year!

We are now back to being an (almost) fully functional club after nearly a year and a half of holding our meetings on Zoom.

With several outdoor activities and a fully ventilated clubroom we can now enjoy the meetings we are used to.

Why not come to our next one?

Email us to find out how.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



Next meeting

Tuesday 2nd August at St Andrews Church and in the park at 7.30 pm

Recreating Shots

On this evening we will be getting into groups to recreate a series of shots, e.g. the Dolly Zoom, pan/whip pan etc, also iconic shots from various films such as The Black Panther, Jaws and many more.

If you miss us at the church hall we’ll be in the park.

Join us for another evening full of learning!

contains 35 short extracts of films from our archive. contains over 130 full length productions

Affiliated to:

The Avon Association of Drama

The Film and Video Institute